KhaniDani is a name mixed with “Khani” & “Dani” that means “Food” & “etc”. It’s a Sylheti phrase. Synonym “Khabar dabar”, a Bengali word. KhaniDani is an online food delivery startup founded in 2020 in Sylhet, Bangladesh. 

One of the top 25 startups in the Startup Bangladesh competition of 2020, one of the champions of Startup Sylhet competition in 2021, backed by BYLC Venture as well by winning BYLC Venture Cohort 3 competition.

Our mission is to digitize the restaurant industry of Bangladesh with innovative services and products.

Our vision is to be a one-stop platform for restaurants & consumers. Starting with food delivery service, we will be expanding with more products very soon.

Food delivery: KhaniDani specializes in delivering to a larger range/radius where no other food delivery service goes. We deliver up to 6KM far from a restaurant. And we create an impact with the home kitchen/cloud kitchen businesses, street food carts. We make sure 100% usage of thermal bags to maintain the food warmth and food quality. 

So far we have got 10,000 users, 10,000+ downloads, completed 6,000+ orders, partnered with 150+ merchants and 100+ foodstars.

Story of food & foodies

Legal name: KhaniDani Bangladesh Ltd
Corporate office: Optimum Tower 1st Floor, Lamabazar, Sylhet

Trade License Number: 1230018868